Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012

another poem called untitled

(Dedicated to my friends who will roll with the scroll)

And the waves passing by

Departing with the growl of aluminum fowl
Takes away all remedies with a solemn bow
Forsaken a spirit in a tormenting cowl
Which woven yarn is not protecting
Only agony is what it's reflecting
Shapeless shadows haunts the broken mirror
Hiding flames that could ignite a splendor

Lamentations can never be simply traced
When it's buried deep to save your own grace
Furrows will someday still show
When the yearning wails a blinding glow

This void may not be eternal
Or it may last till the last atom halts its fusion
The voices hopefully will be subliminal
Lighting the path when invaded by frustration

That amplifious resonance
When it doesn't shake the particles
It shatters your heart

Ibrahim Müller, April 2012

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. died today. He brought a lot of changes to the IT industry, but since I have never purchased any of the Apple products, and considers PC's success is due to contributions of Microsoft as a major player in the business (despite the well known fact that the Two Steves are the one who 'invented' modern PC), I have no qualms whatsoever about his passing (maybe a little, considering that his death is due to complications of  medical 'Time Bomb'- Pancreatic Cancer).

I held almost no emotions whatsoever, until I remember that since he is the main 'character' behind Pixar's awshumness, he is certainly also responsible for ....




...and basically a huge chunk of our childhood

Thank You, Steve.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Ibby's Tragic Comedy #2

Ibby's Tragic Comedy #2

"I don't usually stay at the ward 
till 8 PM (almost)
but when I do,
it's when I'm doing 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

'Saint' Patrick

 sesungguhnya, pintu toilet apartmen kami telah rosak mekanisme kuncinya beberapa minggu yang lalu

jadi sebagai pengganti, kami terpaksa menyendal pintu tersebut dengan baldi yang dipenuhi air, setiap kali timbul kesedaran bahawa melepaskan hajat dengan pintu terbuka luas adalah bukan tabiat gorila bertamadun. bayangkanlah apa akan berlaku seandainya pintu terbuka luas ketika anda sedang menikmati salah satu keperluan paling asas manusia mengikut Hierarki Keperluan Maslow? tambah memalukan sekiranya ada yang kekantoian dalam keadaan fapping tremor

itu pun pada hakikatnya tidak mencukupi, kerana urgensi yang anda alami mampu membuatkan anda menolak pintu tersebut dengan mudah walaupun telah disendal.

jadi sebagai penyelesaian dan tanpa perlu menambah dosa mengata orang lain, salah seorang dari kami iaitu encik Patrick telah mengambil inisiatif memasang selak sebagai menyahut hasrat kerajaan agar rakyat menjadi lebih kompetitif dan berdaya saing tanpa mengharapkan subsidi.

bukan Patrick kami

terima kasih kepada beliau :D

Saturday, October 1, 2011

my stuffs and wai keat

i have to admit that i'm not really a well-organized person; i have my stuffs literally everywhere. however usually only a little 're-arrangement' is necessary in order to navigate my way through the pile of everything to find what i need.

and i really hate it when i can't find them when i've scrummage'd through stacks of notes/books,turned my laundry basket upside down, spreading its content all over the floor, yet wasn't able to find what i was looking for. it's sapping and ravenously time consuming

it happened a few weeks back when i had to borrow Taufiq's white coat for a week, as mine has mysteriously disappeared. only two weeks later did i found it hanging by Chung Wai Keat's mini-partition wall. and his claim that it has actually been there forever is a real hard face-palm to me.

Crime scene

and this morning, it's the turn of my car keys to play hide-and-seek. initially i was about to seek help from Afiq to jump-start my car (Afiq apparently is the only guy to own a set of jumper. what a way to pick up chicks, eh? :D) until i realize that it (my keys) is nowhere to be found.

perpetrator chained to lanyard in the aftermath

now this really pisses me off, and i had to reduce my study corner to ruins, pick up the rubble pieces by pieces and re-construct anew fort yet i still couldn't find my keys.

Fort Mueller

of course ultimately i have to ask everyone should they see them; believe, me, chances are infinitesimal, isolated keys can be found everywhere in this apartment...this is until CWK did this:

"kamu cari kunci ke Megat?, saya rasa ada dalam kereta saya, ada orang salah bawak kunci pagi tadi.."

so i immediately rush down to Wai Keat's car, and there they are in his open glove box.

next time, should i lose anything, i will go straight to Wai Keat.

he might just know

Friday, September 30, 2011

*movie review* Dream House

Last night we watched this:

it was by recommendation from Afiq Shukor, after watching this trailer:

it stars Daniel Craig, whom of course you know well through the latest James Bond installment(s), (unless you're undergoing training to make roadside bomb from a CIA-trained pseudo-extremist in an intricate cave network in Hindu-Kush) as the main character, Will Atenton

(picture related but irrelevant)

The movie revolves around James Bond Will returning to his (supposedly newly-bought) home from an espionage mission after quitting his job as a publisher.

as the story unravels, Will, his wife Libby (played by Rachel Weisz) and two daughters soon discover that there was a cruel murder involving a whole family had once occurred in the house. Shockingly the suspect was the man of the family himself, and he was later caught and sent to a mental institution due to the fact that he wasn't able to stand trial. Crowd may begin to experience shivers (really? idk. i don't) when Will later found out that the man, identified as Peter Ward, has been released by the institution and now roam free.

Will, hellbent on curiosity (like the bunch of Emo-Goth punks you'll see in the early third of this movie) went on to seek truth behind the whole incident shrouding the house, audience will be introduced to his new neighbor from across the street, Ann Patterson (Naomi Watts) who herself apparently facing troubles with her ex-husband over the custody of their teenage daughter. She however was not keen to discuss about what has happened in the house, although appears to be friendly and approachable to Will.

(Did I mention that she also looks hotter than Will Attenton's wife? Somehow she is, yeah. This fact may be important, folks! :7)

Halfway through the movie, you may relate it to any other psycho-thriller you've watched; but there are twist and turns that'll keep you guessing till the end.

The main drawback however was that the movie was quite short, not much character development was seen. and also the fact that MBO Kuching started showing it five-God-damned-minutes-earlier-than-schedule.

if you are into psycho-thrillers, this may be one of the movie you want to "download and watch with friends on your laptop" (according to Teo Sir Kit). but it might help keeping your mind rolling should you are currently doing psychiatric posting. #LOL

Syafiqah and Renuka, don't worry, no flesh-eating psychopaths found their way into the plot. Because the only one that we knew is this guy:

"I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti, and topped it all up with your good-night's sleep as dessert"

"Berapa bintang ko bagi Megat?? :D"
"oh..erm..ok la tu"

P/S: Afiq, don wory, it still is a nice movie. hehe